The grass is green on your side | Bioo - electricity from plants

July 19, 2018 //By Wisse Hettinga

The grass is green on your side

Bioo - electricity from plants

What do you prefer to produce green energy….plaster your roof and garden with solar cells or have a nice green grass backyard where you can sit and relax. With the new developments of Bioo, a well recognised startup in Barcelona, it might be possible to choose for the 2nd option. 

Bioo is developing technologies and products that produce electricity from plants through photosynthesis. They develop grass panels (1x1 meter) that produce 1 watt energy. Their next version will produce 3 watts per square meter and with that benchmark they hope to start competing with solar cells. ‘The good thing about the Bioo panels is that they work day and night,’ explains Pablo Vidarte, CEO and Co-Founder of Bioo, photosynthesis is a non-stop process and it will be a very natural way of producing electricity.’

Bioo already developed some products that will help to bring in some money, but more important, will create awareness of this new way of producing electricity. ‘With the 3 watt/square meter version it will be possible to create enough energy to power a house.’

For more Bioo products and how plants will be able to power new IoT devices and applications, watch the video!

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