European Microwave week - video reports

October 04, 2019 //By Wisse Hettinga

This years show in Paris showed what we already knew..high frequencies are pushing electronic design to the absolute limit. With the frequencies going up into the THz region, a PCB will not only carry the components, it will act as a component and will influence the signal; an amplifier will need a careful design and transmission architecture to make sure the signal will not get lost somewhere in the middle. ADCs creep closer and closer to the antennas to make the analog signal will be entering the digital domain as soon as possible where it can be controlled, modulated and measured.

Antenna design, new semiconductor technologies, new understanding of signal propagation under high frequencies, new measurement equipment; all these new technologies are required to harness the new 5G, automotive and radar applications. visited the European Microwave show this year and over the course of the weeks you will find videos and interviews with companies on the  forefront of high frequency developments and measurements.

On the list are Keysight, Analog Devices, Pico Technology and American Standards Circuits.

The video series will start with an interview with Allison Douglas, Market Segment Manager. Over the coming weeks all the interviews will be published on the eeNews video channel.


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