Eben Upton on the new Raspberry Pi 3B+, Stephen Hawking and the Pi4

March 21, 2018 //By Wisse Hettinga

Eben Upton on the launch of the Raspberry Pi 3B+, Stephen Hawking and the high expectations re. the Pi4

From the interview.

‘We launched the new 3B+ only online, that saved us a lot of time and the responses have been very good. With the other launches, we had to do a lot of traveling to press conferences and meetings. Launch time is always a very busy time, but it is also great to see the responses.’

‘The new Raspberry Pi will find its way to both our traditional audiences, and also with the new features to more professional designers. The hobby users and makers will be able to work with the enhanced specs of the 3B+, but the new features like the better thermal, wireless and networking specifications will appeal to the more professional developers as well.’

‘The 35 Dollar range is very important for us and vital for the success of the Raspberry Pi products.’

‘We see great applications with the Raspberry Pi product line. I always like the example of this guy in Japan. With Tensorflow, a camera and a Raspberry Pi he made a cucumber selector for his father’s business. We actually found out in the last weeks that Stephen Hawking used a Raspberry Pi in his wheelchair for the speech synthesis. He was the one that, after reading his book ‘ A Brief History of Time’, made me decide to go to Cambridge. It is amazing and it humbles us that we have been able to render a small assistance to him in his last months.’

‘With he 3B+ model finished now we have our hands free to start thinking about the new models, the Pi4. With the enhancements made to the 3 series, it feels like we have done everything to make it an extremely nice product and in the next couple of months we can dedicate ourselves to the new Pi4.’


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