8-bit controllers are very good in doing nothing - 8 bit controllers, Part 3

March 08, 2018 //By Wisse Hettinga

To be a bit lazy, have low energy levels, sleep a lot and do very little: for a lot of people that might sound like the ideal job description. But we are not talking jobs here. This is the world of 8-bit applications in IoT. The truth is that many IoT applications are looking for this ‘lazy, low, little’ attitude.

‘Sensors and other IoT applications are not always operating full-time, so the controller just has to sit and wait to wake up to a signal and start running its routine, preferably with as little energy consumption as possible’, explains Mark Gauntlett, DesignSpark Applications Designer for RS Components.

‘The 8-bit architecture has all the qualifications for that role. It is a trusted technology, comes in very low power versions and can wake up more complex systems and go back into the waiting mode. This is why a lot of engineers still opt for the convenience of the 8-bit architecture.’

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