48V to 12V Converters for xEV Applications

October 01, 2020 // By ON Semiconductor
 48V to 12V Converters for xEV Applications

The modern 48V vehicle architecture is integrated into Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicles (MHEV). 48V vehicle system architecture has received a considerable amount of attention. These systems can be thought of as a partial step towards a Full Hybrid vehicle. Typically, they are referred to as ‘Mild Hybrids’, but when designed at lower power levels can also be categorized as ‘Micro Hybrids’. They are constructed using a relatively compact 48V battery, a high performance electric machine and usually at least one additional 48V electrified sub-system. The lower cost of 48V systems is making them an attractive addition to many automotive OEMs and they may soon be a part of most vehicle manufacturers’ portfolios.

The primary advantage of the 48V architecture is improved fuel economy. Albeit, this advantage comes with both increased complexity and cost.
The sub-system designs used to support a dual architecture vehicle require fundamentally new components such as the 48V to 12V bi-directional voltage converter. The methods for overcoming the design challenges are highlighted in this paper and includes sub-system design details for maximizing cost and efficiency.

This topic is of interest to those wishing to understand the complexities of incorporating a superior converter design in a MHEV.

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