Wider-range current sensing with higher-power chip resistors

August 22, 2017 // By Graham Prophet
These 3W-rated, 2817-size metal-foil-on-ceramic-chip resistors support 1A to 30A applications.

From TT Electronics (Woking, UK), the extended MFC series of metal foil chip resistors aid design of compact power conversion circuits in demanding industrial and medical applications. In addition to power supply and DC-DC converters, these resistors also meet the current measurement requirements of driver circuits for motors, actuators, lighting and HVAC systems, and meet market demands for lower ohmic values and reduced TCRs. The MFC2817 addresses this need with values from 3m Ω to 150m Ω and a low TCR of 30ppm/°C compared to the 4m Ω minimum value and 50 – 100ppm TCR specification of the nearest competitive part.


Metal foil on ceramic technology, say the manufacturers, provides superior reliability compared to other resistor technologies: its surge tolerance is better than thick-film resistors ensuring improved reliability in the presence of current surges; and its self-heating is lower than thick-film or metal-strip types, which avoids hot-spots and further improves product reliability.


TT Electronics; www.ttelectronics.com/sites/default/files/resistors-datasheets/MFC.pdf



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