USB host interface connects embedded systems to LAN or the Cloud

June 12, 2018 // By Julien Happich
The emUSB-Host LAN can connect any embedded system to a LAN or Internet using nothing more than a spare USB host socket. Using readily available USB to Ethernet adapters, in-field devices without network hardware can now be enhanced with network connectivity using Segger software.

emUSB-Host LAN supports USB-to-LAN adapters using software plug-ins. Segger offers immediate availability of plug-ins for adapters that use ASIX AX88772/A/B chipsets and for any adapter that conforms to the standard CDC-ECM class or Microsoft's RNDIS specification. Smartphone tethering interfaces usually conform to the RNDIS class. With USB tethering, the embedded system can connect to the Internet, for instance through a service technician's mobile phone, wherever a cellular connection exists. Due to the very low memory usage emUSB-Host LAN will run on many microcontrollers without requiring additional external memory.

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