System-level-modelling software explores IoT project behaviour

November 17, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Mirabilis Design is a Silicon Valley (Sunnyvale) company, providing software solutions to identify and eliminate risk in the product specification; to accurately predict the human and time resources required to develop a product; and improve communication between diverse engineering teams. It has now produced of its product that allows Internet-of-Things project concepts to be explored and their likely performance modelled.

VisualSim Architect is a system-level modelling, simulation, and analysis environment using a complete set of libraries and application templates that improve model construction and analysis time. Mirabilis Design has now added VisualSim IoT modeling library. The environment enables designers to rapidly converge to a design which meets a diverse set of interdependent time- and power requirements. It is best used very early in the design process in parallel with (and as an aid to) the development of the product’s written specification and long before an implementation (for example, RTL, software code, or schematic) of that product can even be started.


With Visual IoT Modeler, Mirabilis Design says it can enable vendors of semiconductors, smart devices and network operators to explore an architecture for performance, power, and network bandwidth.


Visual IoT Modeler is intended to assist semiconductor vendors to select the right processor, bus topology, and memory capacity; to aid smart device vendors to explore the selection of sensor chips, cognitive radio communication, battery capacity and the design of smart hub for sensor data processing; and to help network operators to compute the number of routers, servers, and storage devices and also assess network bandwidth and redundancy requirements.


“Battery life, growing feature set and reduced data sizes are becoming the primary requirements for all smart connected devices”, said Deepak Shankar, Founder and CEO of Mirabilis Design Inc. “Using VisualSim IoT Modeler, our consumer electronics customers can now get accurate metrics and overcome the limitation of approximate results of the analytical tools at their disposal. The quick drag-and-drop solution demystifies the relationship between power, latency and bandwidth.”


VisualSim IoT Modeler can be used in conjunction with the VisualSim modelling library. The IoT Modeler adds Low-Power Bluetooth, sensors, intelligent hubs, micro-controllers, cognitive radio, six battery types, and enhanced charging/discharging circuits. To augment the model, there are added reports for battery life, battery efficiency, task latency, bandwidth utilization, processor MIPS,

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