Simulation boosts ARM energy-efficient IP for IoT & cloud servers

April 28, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Design win; Ansys power, noise and reliability solutions assist power-efficient IP design for ARM – the simulation vendor has licensed its engineering simulation tools to ARM for power efficiency, performance and reliability analyses.

The agreement will, according to Ansys aid the ARM ecosystem and ARM processor technology serving multiple markets including mobile computing, networking infrastructure, transportation and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. In SoC designs, Ansys simulation technology will support ARM in its continued development of cutting edge semiconductor IP and aid ARM ecosystem partners to design reliable and robust semiconductor chips. Ansys Redhawk, Ansys Totem and Ansys PowerArtist simulation solutions will help with electrostatic discharge, electromigration, power modelling, analyzing and validating foundation IP building blocks, as well as central processing units and graphics processing unit cores.


ARM adds, “The SoC’s design is a key part of the energy-efficiency equation. Giving our semiconductor partners access to our IP through Ansys’ simulation tools enables them to optimize their designs earlier and allow more time to be spent creating competitive products that smooth their delivery path.”


"The powerful combination of ARM’s IP development expertise with ANSYS simulation tools strengthens ARM’s ability to provide world-class energy-efficient IP for various vertical segments of IoT," concludes Vic Kulkarni, vice president and general manager, ANSYS.






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