RF chip simplifies integration of WiFi into product design

November 08, 2017 // By Graham Prophet
Skyworks has introduced a family of highly integrated wireless networking ICs for mobile and IoTdesigns. The first of these integrates power amplifier, switch/low-noise-amplifier, co-existence filters, and diplexer, completely absorbing the task of connecting (typically) four outputs from a systems SoC to a single antenna connection.

The SkyOne WiFi suite is a front-end module in a single placement, compact footprint. The devices incorporate all key radio frequency blocks between the Wi-Fi system-on-chip (SOC) and the antenna. This platform, its makers claim, improves the Wi-Fi system performance when compared to other standard SOC platforms and further mitigates interference with other radios, extending range and increasing throughput. The SKY85812-11 is the first in the SkyOne WiFi series.


The SKY85812-11 is dual-band front-end module incorporating a 5 GHz bypass low noise amplifier with single-pole, double-throw transmit/receive switch and a 2.4 GHz bypass low noise amplifier with single-pole, triple-throw switch with Bluetooth port that allows for Wi-Fi antenna sharing. The SKY85812-11 also includes a 2 GHz LTE coexistence filter and diplexer - all designed into a 16-pin 3 x 3 mm package.


Skyworks; www.skyworksinc.com/Product/3399/SKY85812-11