Renesas and HELLA Aglaia Team Up for Automotive Front Camera Solutions

December 05, 2017 // By Ally Winning
Renesas and HELLA Aglaia have joined forces to provide an open and scalable solution for automotive front cameras.

The companies have paired Renesas’ NCAP compliant, R-Car V3M image recognition chip and HELLA Aglaia´s camera software to provide a camera solution for taks that range from ADAS applications to automated driving applications up to SAE Level 3.


Camera vision applications are becoming more important in the automotive area as the driving experience becomes more automated. Strategy Analytics predicts that the market for automotive cameras could reach up to 200 million pieces over the next few years. The partnership between Renesas and HELLA Aglaia is intended to provide the a complete platform for the application, while still being open to allow developers to add differentiation to their offerings.


The Renesas R-Car V3M SoC is part of the company’s autonomy platform of ADAS and automated driving solutions. It is a low powered chip that uses accelerators and an IMP pipeline engine to run complex neural networks for tasks such as object detection and identification.


Hella Aglaia’s camera software is a proven solution that will allow developers of autonomous vehicles to shorten development time while reducing risk. The software is flexible to allow users to easily tailor it to their own applications.