Imec and Renesas Electronics unveil a Bluetooth 5 transceiver with 0.8V supply voltage

February 12, 2018 // By Ally Winning
At ISSC, imec and Renesas debuted an ultra-low-power Bluetooth 5 transceiver with a 0.8V supply voltage, which the companies claim can make batteries last up to 50% longer.

The IoT requires many small edge sensor nodes that are battery powered. These nodes are often in hard to reach places for battery replacement. Lowering the input voltage to extend the battery life means less maintenance and longer uptime in the field.

The new transceiver comprises a phase-tracking RX, digital TX with an all-digital PLL and a digital PHY-layer baseband. Interference tolerance is increased through the hybrid loop filter, which works together with the tight frequency control from the all-digital PLL. The front-end of the RX has a sensitivity of -95dBm while consuming 2.3W (non-duty-cycled) with the 0.8V supply. The TX chip is fabbed on 40nm CMOS with a core area of 0.8mm 2 including on-chip matching.

The transceiver will be presented at ISSC on February 14 th in session 28 entitled; Wireless connectivity at 2.30pm: 28.3 – A 0.8V 0.8mm 2 Bluetooth 5/BLE Digital-Intensive Transceiver with a 2.3mW Phase-Tracking RX Utilizing a Hybrid Loop Filter for Interference Resilience in 40nm CMOS, Ding et al. (imec, Holst Centre and Renesas).

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