Design Win; XMOS’ voice capture tech augments AI Office Assistant

November 09, 2017 // By Graham Prophet
eMeet is a Shenzhen, China-base maker of the OfficeCore M1 smart office assistant. XMOS has disclosed a partnership under which eMeet AI will employ XMOS’ far-field voice technology; XMOS’ XFV3000 voice processor technology has been applied to build the innovative business conference calling product.

The compact and portable speaker uses a USB and Bluetooth connection with a mobile phone or laptop to convert any space into a conference call facility. XMOS VocalFusion technology was chosen for its ability to detect and isolate the spoken word within 8 metres in all directions, using its far-field voice recognition capability and an array of seven eMeet 360° omni-directional microphones. The XMOS XVF3000 voice processor uses acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) to remove playback audio from the microphone signal allowing users to break in (“barge-in”) and talk over the playback signal. Automated noise suppression (ANS) and de-reverberation technologies are used to remove unwanted noise and echoes in the captured signal, providing a clear output signal. The microphone array follows a voice as it moves around the room (via beamforming), and ensures that even the quietest person in the room can be heard.






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