Design win; XMOS’ voice capture kit uses Infineon MEMS microphones

October 09, 2017 // By Graham Prophet
XMOS has launched (link, below) its VocalFusion 4-Mic Dev Kit for Amazon Alexa Voice Service (AVS), for far-field applications. The kit integrates Infineon’s high SNR microphones to ensure highest performance and reliability.

Infineon’s microphones provide very low self-noise (69 dB SNR), accurate microphone-to-microphone phase and sensitivity matching, as well as fast signal conversion for low latency, ensuring excellent hit rate and extended voice pick-up distance for far-field applications.


“The combination of Infineon’s high-performance microphones and XMOS’ VocalFusion processors has allowed us to develop very compelling far-field voice capture solutions that, until now, have been difficult to deliver”, said Mark Lippett, President and CEO of XMOS.


In September 2017, Infineon made a strategic investment in XMOS, with the target to bring solutions for enhanced human machine interaction to the next level. Addressing the voice interface market is the first step of the partnership which will focus on making the communication between humans and smart devices as seamless as possible in future.


The VocalFusion 4-Mic Kit for Amazon AVS (XK-VF3000-L33-AVS) is available from Digi-Key at




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