Design win; high-density power modules use Infineon GaN

October 06, 2017 // By Graham Prophet
Eltek (Drammen, Norway) has designed its Flatpack2 SHE, a Super High Efficient power conversion module, using CoolGaN gallium nitride technology from Infineon at its core.

Eltek engineers were able to reduce losses by 50% while further improving reliability and total cost of ownership. The company has offered the Flatpack series for around 10 years, and sought a “step-change” increase in performance for its latest range.


“Reaching the 98% efficiency target [using the CoolGaN devices] , while improving an already industry leading field performance in a competitive way, will be appreciated by especially our telecom and data centre customers,” said Morten Schoyen, Chief Marketing Officer at Eltek. “With our customers in focus we have also ensured backward compatibility to all 3 kW Flatpack2 versions. In other words, efficiency upgrades have never been simpler as the older modules can just be replaced,” added Mr. Schoyen.


The Flatpack 2 SHE will have a substantial impact on carbon footprint, consumed energy and ultimately the operational expense for Eltek customers. The energy (op-ex) savings are illustrated by the following examples where early versions of Flatpack 2 (92%) were replaced with Flatpack 2 SHE:


Single mobile base station in Italy, 6 kW load – annual saving: € 576

Central office site in UK, 250 kW load – annual saving: £ 18,350.

“We are delighted that Eltek is now manufacturing AC/DC power converters featuring our CoolGaN technology,” said Dr. Steffen Metzger, Senior Director High Voltage Conversion for Infineon Technologies. “They prove the value of GaN devices for achieving the highest electrical conversion efficiency at attractive system cost. We are also encouraged by the results of Eltek’s tests which show that the GaN-based systems are rugged and reliable, as expected. This validates Infineon’s application specific qualification methodology which allows us to predict useful life of our CoolGaN devices in a given application.”




Eltek, (a Delta Group Company);