4-channel car audio PA chip protects speakers from burnout

June 16, 2017 // By Graham Prophet
Toshiba Electronics Europe has a 4-channel 49W power amplifier IC that detects output offset voltage even during playback, a key factor in speaker burnout. The TCB502HQ integrates a newly developed, full-time output offset detection circuit that operates even during sound reproduction.

Intended for hi-fi grade audio systems in vehicles, sound quality is refined by the integration of a current-feedback system similar to that found in high-end hi-fi audio systems. This prevents sound quality degradation at wide bandwidths and ensures consistent sound quality, especially with the reproduction of musical instruments and human voice. The 4-channel device has a maximum power rating of 49W per channel and operates from a supply voltage range of 6-18V. Housed in a HZIP25-P-1.00F package, the TCB502HQ incorporates a number of thermal, overvoltage and output short-circuit protection circuits.


Toshiba Electronics Europe; www.toshiba.semicon-storage.com