32-bit PIC MCUs gain ultra-low-standby power variant, no performance loss

June 19, 2017 // By Graham Prophet
Its latest PIC32 family, Microchip Technology says, increases performance while reducing average power consumption. The PIC32MX1/2 XLP family applies eXtreme Low Power (XLP) technology, with the aim of providing higher performance and longer battery life in portable products. Applications in which the MCU core is awakened only a small fraction of the time, gain from significantly reduced sleep currents.

PIC32 is the family of devices that Microchip builds around the MIPS M4K core. Compared to previous chips in the series, these MCUs offer 40% higher performance with 50% lower average run currents; peripherals support digital audio, advanced control, and USB Device, Host and OTG functionality. The PIC32MX1/2 XLP family increases performance in small pin-count devices with little code rework for existing users.


Microchip’s XLP technology is designed for wearable technology, wireless sensor networks and other smart connected devices and offers low current operating modes for Run and Sleep, where extreme low-power applications spend 90 to 99% of their time. XLP technology will enable Sleep and Deep Sleep shutdown states on the PIC32MX1/2 XLP devices, enabling Deep Sleep currents down to 673 nA.


The PIC32MX1/2 XLP family offers a range of memory configurations with 128/256 kB Flash and 32/64 kB of RAM in packages ranging from 28 to 44 pins. They also include a diverse set of peripherals at a low cost including I 2S for digital audio, 116 DMIPS performance for executing audio and advanced control applications, a 10-bit, 1 Msample/sec 13-channel ADC and serial communications peripherals. The PIC32MX2 series also supports USB Device, Host and OTG functionality.


In addition to the hardware peripheral features, the series is supported by Microchip’s MPLAB Harmony Software Development Framework, which simplifies development cycles by integrating the licence, resale and support of Microchip and third-party middleware, drivers, libraries and RTOSs. Specifically, Microchip’s readily available software packages such as Bluetooth audio development suites, audio equalizer filter libraries, decoders (including AAC, MP3, SBC), sample rate conversion libraries and USB stacks will rapidly reduce the development time of digital audio, consumer, industrial and general-purpose embedded control applications.


Development tool support for the PIC32MX1/2 XLP family includes: A PIC32MX XLP Starter Kit (DM320105) for $100, a PIC32MX254F256 PIM for Explorer 16 (MA320021) for $25 and a PIC32MX274F256 PIM for Bluetooth Audio Development