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End-to-End, Lifecycle Cyber Protection for Industrial as industrial systems are likely to be a prime target for cyberattacks, how may defence in depth strategy be the best way to keep intruders out ? - XILINX

Power Management for FPGAs how to avoid issues when designing a solution to power FPGAs – ANALOG DEVICES

The path to mass market high precision positioning why accurate GPS is essential for autonomous vehicle operation and how that accuracy can be achieved – U-BLOX

Easy IoT Automation in the Cloud There could be up to 50 billion connected devices in the world by 2020. How can smaller entities get it on the act – PREMIER FANELL

The IoT Mind Map how using mind maps can create the perfect blueprint for new IoT designs

How Secure Foundations will Accelerate the Internet of Things IoT implementations can comprise hundreds of nodes talking to each other in real-time, and each connection is a potential attack vector for intruders - ARM

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