-Cover Image : RGB+IR image sensor for surveillance
-EDN.comment : Fake Chips
-Datacentres : Intel’s new mesh architecture: the ‘superhighway’ of the data centre - an insight into Intel’s thinking on processor directions for the “big data” domain
-Embedded Systems : The enterprise manager’s checklist to getting to grips with DDOS attacks and the botnet army – Alcatel-Lucent

Feature Articles : Optimising chip designs at high level, for low power – Cadence Design Systems / Laboratory-class measurements in a field-portable format – Yokogawa / Applying MRAM as a mainstream memory – Everspin / WLAN 802.11ax speeds up communications in multi-user scenarios –  Rohde & Schwarz /     Using pin, part, and differential-pair swapping to simplify routing – Altium / Microcontroller architecture & fabrication progress boost IOT power/performance metrics –  Cypress Semiconductor

White papers : Mentor Graphics: 7 aspects of IoT PCB design - Linear Tech: Synchronous LED driver features integrated PWM dimming - Spin Transfer: Advanced MRAM Technology